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The Swiss acrobatics in Saint-Yan

02 juillet 2015

Preparations of Swiss national championships

  • des copains d'abord...
    des copains d'abord... fermer

For the pleasure... but professionally

  • Florian Gigax, Daniel Goetschi et Urs Vogelsand
    Florian Gigax, Daniel Goetschi et Urs Vogelsand fermer

Friends' team, come from the canton of Aargau, in the North of Switzerland, near the canton of Zürich, found itself on the tarmac of the airport of Saint-Yan for five days of intensive training of air acrobatics. They prepare Swiss's championships which will take place in their country, first week of September. In 2013, they had been organized with the support of the Burgundian team of Saint-Yan.

Amateurs because they fly at first for the pleasure. They are not professional pilots but they train completely to obtain results and take the first places on the catwalks during the competitions.

The team consists of:
- Urs Vogelsang, carpenter, son of the manufacturer of their plane, the VOTEC. He is a vice-champion, category unlimited, of Switzerland.
- Florian Gigax, vice-champion, category advanced, of Switzerland. He is a technician in the construction company of planes MSW aviation, Max Vogelsang, the father of Urs.
- Daniel Goetschi evolves in the advanced category. It is train driver in the CFF SBB.
- Yoachum Butz, intermediate category, flies especially for the pleasure as Daniel. It is executive in an insurance company.

Their plane, a VOTEC 351

  • Le VOTEC 351 construit par Max Vogelsand, société MSW Aviation.
    Le VOTEC 351 construit par Max Vogelsand, société MSW Aviation. fermer

They fly on a VOTEC 351 made by the company MSW aviation. Single-seater, it is a variant of the VOTEC 322, two-seater monoplane with low wing, designed by Max Vogelsand, from the plans of the RIHN DR-107, for the construction amateur. Fuselage in tube of steel, the wooden wings dressed in carbon fiber or completely realized in composite, it has a scale of 7, 30 m for a length of 6,5 m and a 605 kg pure weight. It is equipped with an engine Lycoming IO-580 of 350 ch.

It is Urs and her sister Suzanne Goetschi-Vogelsand who ensure the demonstrations during the gatherings in which they participate. They are sponsored by the watchmaking company Hamilton.

To Saint-Yan, we find friends...

If they come to Saint-Yan for twenty years, it is for the exceptional conditions of flight in complete safety but also because the staff is nice: " we find friends " and as much as make of the « good eat and drink » bourguignon and of the pleasant climate : « it is almost holidays ! »

The heat wave during their internship felt them physically because the temperatures achieved in the afternoon 38 °C in the shade. It did not prevent them from flying from morning till night, the sky being practically provided to them them. They are gone back home tired but filled : « in the next year ! »

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