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The patrol Swift Team on visit

19 mai 2015

The patrol, almost in full, in session of training

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Création of Swift Team

The patrol was created on the initiative of two passionate with aviation but especially with a model of aircraft, Cédric Lavocat and Romain Deveaux (Roanne), old friends, both owners of Swift, made in 1946 by Globe Aircraft Company (US). These machines are at present equipped with engines Continental Lycoming which authorize peaks in 330 kph. They are versatile and are capable of landing on very short runway, of making some acrobatics and they are pleasant to pilot on long distances.

The pilots during the training to Saint-Yan

Associated with Alain De Valence ( Roanne), the team trained for the acrobatics under the leadership of Jacques Aboulin, world champion of gliding in 1989, airline pilot of collection and manager of the National School of the Civil Aviation of Saint-Yan and Grenoble. The group was strengthened by the arrival of Cédric Ruet, Aymeric De Valence (Roanne), the son of Alain, and Frédéric Grandmougin.

On the photo, from left to right :

Jacques Aboulin, manager of the ENAC Saint-Yan et Grenoble, the world champion of glider, pilot of warbirds, chevalier of the Legion of Honor.

Romain Deveaux, airline pilot B777 Air france, instructor glider and plane, acrobatics and flight of mountain, presenter of the Swift.

Cédric Ruet, military pilot, flying school at the age of 15, patented in 17, pilot on Mirage 2000 and Rafale.

Cédric Lavocat, airline pilot B777 Air Austral (Reunion Island), engineer ENAC, instructor on ATR, aeronatic instructor, federal coach, high-level sportsman.

Aymeric De Valence, pilot of the Naval aviation on Super-Etendard, F18, Rafale and L39.

The projects

Swift is beautiful planes. There are no more than ten copies in Europe, among which seven in France. Their owners, fascinated by this model in the profile close to famous P-51 Mustang, decided to create a new show from the so popular, American races in the 30s, typify " race of Reno ", flight at a height from 50 to 100 meters around pylons. They go in the meetings which take place in France. Their project is to evolve in the twilight and to assure a pyrotechnic show which will allow the spectators to watch quality shows.

They will be present :
- in the Air France FLY-IN to Saint-Yan, on June 13th
- in the Bourget Air Show, in June 19-20th, gathering Swift
- in the gathering of " Traine-queue " on June 21th to Paray-le-Monial, etc.

Links :

Anecdotally :

on this occasion, two jets L39 Albatros manufacturings Czech evolved supervised by Jacques Aboulin to perfect their technique in meeting.

One of the pilots was Aymeric De Valence
(3rd from the left on the photo)

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