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IJMC - Mach 2-2

26 juillet 2015

Training for the World championships of aeromodelling with reaction.

Preparation of the French team of aeromodelling

On Sunday, the French team of model making with reaction, member of the IJMC: international Jet Model Committee, met on the aerodrome of Saint-Yan for a training. It is true that the World championship is close. It takes place every two years and, this year, the Jet World Master will take place from 23 till 29 August to Leutkirch im Allgaü, in Bavaria. About sixty planes will be presented and much more than about twenty nations! Of what to impress the French pilots who go there all for the first time.

There are two categories: the models of - vacuous 20 kg and of - vacuous 13,5 kg. France will present four teams for 20 kg and one for 13,5 kg. Every country can send six teams maximum. Each is made up of two persons: a pilot and a team member called commonly the "coach". This one announces the figures which will be made and sometimes the beginning and the end of these, instead of the pilot. During the championship, they will be judged for 50 % in statics and 50 % during flight. The "statics" consists in verifying that the small-scale model corresponds well to the reality in the scale, with its forms and its colors which must be totally identical, the perfect details! Everything is accurately examined. The flight, as for him, consists in making compulsory figures. The pilot chooses them in a list so that the flight answers as closely as possible to what is capable of carrying out the real plane and obviously of realizing them as an ace of joystick! Forgiveness, of the radio control !

The teams

Frédéric Regnier : private pilot, instructor ULM in the city of L'Aigle, in the Orne, put himself very young in the aeromodelling and, two years ago, in the jets thanks to his brother Christophe who will be a competitor and his coach.

If he chose to paint its plane with the colors of Royal Air Forces, it is for the prominent color! "Whatever is the color of the sky, I have no difficulty seeing my plane and its figures; it relaxes me". Frédéric was the third in aeromodelling in the French championship of acrobatics with a propeller plane.

Christophe Regnier, airline pilot, came very young to the aeromodelling thanks to his older brother Frédéric. If he chose these colors for its plane F104 Starfighter, it is because he likes the color aluminum, brilliance and prominent, with the character of the planes of the 70s. The real plane was delivered to civilians only in three copies : the NASA.

Vincent Regnier, son of Christophe, will be his coach. Vincent goes this year into an aeronautical school of Toulouse and, obviously, he fell any young in the aeromodelling.

It is as a family meeting around the aeromodelling, Frédéric lives in L'Aigle while Christophe and Vincent live in Salon-de-Provence, in Bouches-du-Rhône, without counting all the friends whom they find during these meetings.

Stephan Laurens and his father Francis
Francis worked 35 years at Dassault. He is pensioner at the moment. Stephan is commercial in joinery. Both created from A to Z their Alpha Jet. Living in Salon-de-Provence, to build the plane of Patrouille de France was an obvious fact for them! A small doubt and hup! We go to see the reality! Not to damage their plane in the training while the date of the championship is so close, they built several "mules" but without finish, without paint, in the rough.

Jean-Luc Lancuentra : Aircraft 24 L39 Albatros
This dental surgeon put himself in the jet 5-6 years ago, himself pilot of glider, he would be kind enough to fly in this type of plane. As he could not make himself, he pilots it of the ground! His choice of paint was made so as to be able to follow the plane in flight! It is the team which will appear in the category of - vacuous 13,5 kg. His coach is Gaëtan Laurent.

  • Gaëtan Laurent, capitaine de l'équipe de France de l'IJMC.
    Gaëtan Laurent, capitaine de l'équipe de France de l'IJMC. fermer

Gaëtan Laurent, 
of the Paris region, is pilot of the Air Force. He is the captain of the French team.

  • Laurent Guillory et Jean-Philippe Laugier
    Laurent Guillory et Jean-Philippe Laugier fermer

Judges :  Laurent Guillory and Jean-Philippe Laugier

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