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Inspiration ULM - assembly

" inspiration ULM " : Pilots' training and sale of ULM

  • Autogire français DTA modèle J-RO
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In 2013, Florent creates " Inspiration ULM ". The company uses for its trainings multiaxis Savannah S 912 and MCR pickup, as well as an autogiro J-RO 914 (made in France by DTA to Montélimar).

Besides the trainings in the piloting of ULM, the company distributes the model SAVANNAH S made by ICP ( Italian manufacturer), class ULM multiaxis, built or in kit, as well as the French autogiros DTA (model J-RO) and Spanish ELA aviation (models Cougar and Eclipse).

Inspiration ULM proposes in particular:
 * Preparation for the pilot's licence ULM multiaxis and autogiro
 * First flights, good presents
 * Flight of initiation called also " flight in pilot position " to choose the model the most adapted to his personality or to his dream of flight.
 * Theory for driver of drones
 * Passenger Emport
 * Courses of radiotelephony and air phraseology

Besides the exceptional infrastructures linked to the site of the airport of Saint-Yan, Inspiration ULM welcomes his students in very good conditions: office, classroom, computer provided for the preparations MCQ on the Internet, w.c. and access handicapped persons, coffee and good mood.

His objective for year 2016 is to create instructors' training center. And why no maintenance workshop … To follow …

Informations :

Do not hesitate to contact Florent ELHEFNAOUI :

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Tél. : 06 89 23 90 94

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