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VI Incendie continues its trainings

16 février 2015

GIMAEX builds trucks of fight against the fires for airports… VI Incendie train the team leaders !

The training continue... or Africa to Saint-Yan !

The company VI Incendie instruct at present nine fire brigades come from western Africa until February 20th, at the airport. It is, as for Comogara in office at the airport of Bamako, Mali, the opportunity for some to come for the first time in France and to share their experiences.

Supervised by Yannick, their trainer, nine fire brigades coming from airports of several countries of Africa came to learn to make best use of trucks came out of the Roanne company GIMAEX, which they already use in their respective countries but… to have a tool, it's good, know how to use it, it is better! Moreover it is certainly for it that when the ASECNA (supplier of service in aviation navigation in 18 countries of Africa) decided to renew the equipments of fire brigades, an obligation of training of the leaders of operation was notified. If the nationalities are diverse, the values remain the same within this corporation whom are the firemen. They confront their experiences and share tricks and points of view.

GIMAEX builds its trucks to Roanne but delegated to VI Incendie the training. This one lasts one couple of weeks and it is 62 people who will so be formed. The training courses, having begun in December, will continue until in the middle of March. Then will arrive fire brigades coming from Iraq. All the trained agents will educate, in their turn, teams in their respective airports.

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