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Training program of junior parascending

30 juillet 2015

Introductory course and of precision in the landing for the juniors capable of being selected.

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Initiation or improvement into the precision of the landing... for the Juniors

It is to the aerodrome of Saint-Yan that took place an internship of parascending organized by the Para Club Charolais - Brionnais for the French Federation of Parachuting. This introductory course and of precision in the landing addressed the juniors who are, for the greater part, already former and often experimented in parachuting even parascending.

The morning was dedicated to the flight with video recording of the arrival on the "pancake", the target. At noon, when all the series were ended, the meal was taken in common. It was followed by a session of projection of morning videos with study of the movements, by gestures and the positions of approach of the target and the instructions and corrections to be executed during the flights of the afternoon. The team, consisted of five young people having good capacities and ready "to unstitch" it, was supervised by François Barriot, president of the para club of Saint-Yan, Pascal Ghriss and Alain Marien.

Pierre Asteix

  • Pierre Asteix
    Pierre Asteix fermer

Pierre Asteix, 16 years, come from Ile- de-France, studying in electricity on air- craft.

One year of jump of plane : 3rd in the jump of precision in Saint-Galmier (42) the weekend of July 12th.

Three years of parascending : 4th in the general classification of the cup inter nations tournament EPAC between France, Netherlands and England, and 1st junior.

Flavien Morel

  • Flavien Morel
    Flavien Morel fermer

Flavien Morel, 18 years, from Tarbes, student in military mechanics reservist.

Three years of jump of plane.

Begin in parascending. This internship will allow him to appear at the selections for the French team.

Maxime Coltat

  • Maxime Coltat
    Maxime Coltat fermer

Maxime Coltat, 19 years, from Yvelines, studying in higher education of statistics.

Five years of jump of plane : has already participated in several competitions, selected in French team and for the World cup.

Eight years of parascending : several results in tournament EPAC. The internship will allow him to improve and to become used to the new equipment for the selections in French team.

Sylvain Ferroni

  • Sylvain Ferroni
    Sylvain Ferroni fermer

Sylvain Ferroni, 19 years, from Tarbes, student in electronics.

Four years of jump of plane : double junior world champion, acrobatics and combined, 1st in the French cup in acrobatics.

Seven years of parascending : competitor in regional, 1st in the Trophy Hervé Merle, selected for the internship of preparation for European championships.

Alexandre Ferroni

  • Alexandre Ferroni
    Alexandre Ferroni fermer

Alexandre Ferroni, 19 years, Tarbes, student in Tours in an engineering school in robotics.

Four years of jump of plane : champion of junior France of landing precision, 2nd in combined and 2nd in acrobatics in the French Cup.

Seven years of parascending : won the Trophy Hervé Merle, selected for the internship of preparation for the European championships which will take place in Bulgaria at the end of August.

François Barriot

  • François Barriot
    François Barriot fermer

François Barriot : initiator of the disci- pline.

Competitor recognized technically by the national level, its reliability make its an active collaborator of the paras- cending as the conventional para- chuting with the federation. He is the president of the Parascending Charo- lais Brionnais de Saint-Yan club.

Demonstrating a certain expertise, he attracts the formations of the federation towards the center of Saint-Yan. It is him who interpreted videos taken by Pascal Ghriss, in the landing, to give the behavior to adopt to the parachutists. He was for the take-off to verify the equipment and give the advice for the course to follow according to the wind.

Pascal Ghriss

  • Pascal Ghriss
    Pascal Ghriss fermer

Pascal Ghriss, referent L.P., landing precision, and acrobatics of the federa- tion.

It is monitor of professional parachuting to the Para Club of Tarbes Bigorre. He was moreover the first president in his creation in 2005. He is among others a champion of France of precision.

He was on arrival and, having filmed the arrival on the target, indicated the corrections to be considered for the following flight.

Alain Marien

  • Alain Marien
    Alain Marien fermer

Alain Marien, retired man.

He is the technical director of the Para Charolais Brionnais club. It is him who led the "tractor" for the take-off.

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