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Training of the French air acrobatic team.

13 août 2015

Last flights of training : heading for world championships.

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Heading for world championships of air acrobatic « unlimited » !

A competition gets ready every day in individual but it is also necessary to find itself between members of a team to be estimated and evolve. It's the same for the French team of air acrobatics « unlimited » who, besides, owes reconquer the world title, this year, at home. It is the reason why the federation organized five internships the last one of which took place on the aerodrome of Saint-Yan.

Why Saint-Yan ?

At first for the air volume which allows to work in the conditions rather close to those whom the pilots are going to meet in Châteauroux where will take place world championships.

It is also a historic place because, already of the time of biplanes, the national teams came to train here. The space is also important because the volume is protected so as to avoid conflicts with the other users. It is secured : in case of breakdown, the runway is under the plane. It allows the efficiency, the study of the detail because the pilots are very sensitive in the conditions of work and respectful time slots. There is also an environment for the logistics : accommodation, catering, peace, sheds, etc. Of what to allow our champions to concentrate on a single objective : win championships by team and in individual!

Weather conditions.

The local climate allowed to fly by any sorts of weather : very beautiful, heat wave and cloudy. The last but one in the daytime, it rained what allowed to unwind, to agree a break, to verify the material but also « to polish up » the program of the free figures and to verify the contents of the files which will be put handed to the judges during the competition.

During the break, the pilots and the mechanics evacuate the stress and verify or repair the material !

  • Eric Vazeille, entraîneur national
    Eric Vazeille, entraîneur national fermer
  • Jérôme Houdier, directeur technique natonal
    Jérôme Houdier, directeur technique natonal fermer

According to Eric Vazeille, the national trainer, and Jérôme Houdier, the national technical director, the pilots are ready : the tension rises but it is good sign ; they just have the necessary stress.

Conclusion by Patrice Reverdy, loaded the management of exploitation :

« The French people, the world champions 2013, are among the best in this high-level sport and all the team of the SYAB mobilized to offer to the French team the best conditions of preparation. To reduce the nuisances for the local residents, the schedules of training were reduced and framed.

The SYAB wishes good luck to the French team for this competition 2015 »

Some portraits.

  • Mélanie ASTLES
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  • Alexis BUSQUE
    Alexis BUSQUE fermer
  • Alexandre LEBOULANGER
    Alexandre LEBOULANGER fermer
  • Olivier MASUREL
    Olivier MASUREL fermer
  • François RALLET
    François RALLET fermer

Mélanie Astles, 33 ans
Amicale de voltige aérienne
Pilote professionnelle - ENAC
Championne de France Elite 2015

Capitaine Alexis Busque, 36 ans
Pilote de l'équipe de voltige de l'Armée de l'Air
Pilote de chasse

Pilote ouvreur des Championnats du Monde 2015

Alexandre Leboulanger, 38 ans
Amicale de voltige aérienne
Ingénieur DGAC

Vice-champion du monde par équipe 2011

Olivier Masurel, 35 ans
Vendée sports aériens

Vice-champion du Monde individuel et équipe 2011
Champion du Monde par équipe 2013

Capitaine François Rallet, 44 ans
Pilote de l'équipe de voltige de l'Armée de l'Air
Pilote de chasse

Champion du Monde par équipe 2013

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