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The parascending parachutists are back.

28 mars 2016

Anonymous persons for the media... recognized at the international level!

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Easter : promising weekend...

Easter : long promising weekend but if Saturday, sun and wind were for the appointment allowing more than 100 take-off, on Sundays, it was ended. When the sky got free, the crosswind did not allow to fly.

For the arrival of the spring, the club of the National Police had moved on the site of Saint-Yan to train. In Easter, the Center School of upward flight received the Para Tarbes Bigorre club with his recognized stars on the national level but also international.

Stand : Eric Simonin, Jonathan Thene, Alexandre et Sylvain Ferroni.
Down : Erwin Bierwald, Danielle Marquez-Ferroni et Alain Marien.

Alain Marien, technical director of the Para Charolais Brionnais club, so welcomed Pascal Ghriss, instructor to the Para Tarbes Bigorre club (PTB), Erwin Bierwald, of the club Fallschirmsport, Eschbach, Bremgarten-in-Brisgau, Éric Simonin and Jonathan Thene, vice-president, age 23, of the Para club of Tarbes, Danielle Marquez-Ferroni and his sons Alexandre and sylvain, of the PTB.

It is so the opportunity to draw up an assessment of year 2015 :


  • Danielle Marquez-Ferroni
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- 4 th at the European championship, in Montana, Bulgaria, in August
- 11 th in the PARAWCS, the world cup, Slovenia
- Winner of the French cup of acrobatics.


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- 3 rd in the Junior combined competition individual man, in Montana.
- 3 rd in Junior acrobatics man, in Montana.
- 2 nd in the PARAWCS, in jump of precision.
- 3 rd in the combined competition and acrobatics in the junior French championship.
- Winner of the circuit French cup of acrobatics.

Alexandre FERRONI

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- 1 st junior French championship in landing precision.
- 8 th in the PARAWCS, in jump of precision.
- 4 th in the European championship, in the Montana.

It is not everything ; there was DUBAI! Where are invited only the best in their speciality, Danielle and Sylvain participated in World Air Games who take place only every four years, a little the J.O. of the air specialities as the parachuting, the hot-air balloons, the aeromodelling, the kites! They joined Nicolas Ivanoff, specialist of the air acrobatics which trains so regularly for Saint-Yan. Sylvain ended 4 th Junior and her mother, Danielle, 9 th Woman, in landing precision and acrobatics in upward parachute.

Deborah Ferrand

  • Deborah Ferrand (image FFP)
    Deborah Ferrand (image FFP) fermer

Among the members of the PTB, there is also Deborah Ferrand, age 33, who picked up at least 21 golden medals between championships of France, Europe and the World, 13 silver medals and 9 bronze medals. She won a silver medal, in landing precision Woman, at the WAG, in Dubai.

Year 2016

The preparation will be directed to the selection for the world championships which will take place in September, in Chicago (USA). There are only two available places in junior Man and five in Senior. For the women, it is the same thing : two in Junior and five in Senior. Danielle and Deborah should be placed well. For Alexandre and Sylvain, it will be more difficult to see both selected.

  • François Barriot, président du club de St Yan
    François Barriot, président du club de St Yan fermer

For the same world championships, François Barriot, the president of the Para Upward Charolais Brionnais club, a door opened to be selected : even if he is not a holder in French team, his results in competition allow him to compete to obtain its ticket. In the last French championships, at the end of the sixth round, they were two for the second place in landing precision : Pierre Asteix, of Ile-de-France, 17 years, and François, age 35, with a total of 17 cms. It is Pierre who ended onto the second step of the podium after an additional flight. The first place went to Xavier Desailly for a total of 14 cms. It is to say that François has his chance.

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