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The parachutists train

15 juillet 2016

With return planned by the good weather, the parachutists joined the school of Saint-Yan to form
or prepare French championships.

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Several competitors of parascending gathered at the airport of Saint-Yan to take advantage of installations and of advice of specialists of the Center School of Parascending of Saint-Yan. Others came to discover the activity or to perfect their technique of flight.

For the aficionados of the landing precision, they were able to take advantage of a new statutory foam target equipped with a quite new 2 cm tile.

The weather report was not there but if the paras jumped between two showers the first day, the next day the wind joined in and all were not able to fly even by changing place. As for the third day, the sun was present but the wind was too strong. It is the big problem of this sporting kind: we are at the mercy of elements!


  • Danielle Marquez-Ferroni
    Danielle Marquez-Ferroni fermer

Among the trainees, some people were not able to fly this day because of the wind as Danielle MARQUEZ - FERRONI, of the Para Club Tarbes Bigorre which had made the trip to get ready in championships of France and the World, in September, in Chicago, especially as she has already participated in European championships and in PAWACS, in Bulgaria and in Slovenia. She is nursing and is in the obligation to join the sessions organized in all France to improve.

Martin ROBE, it is no border for the best !

  • François Barriot et Martin Robe
    François Barriot et Martin Robe fermer

Other day unlucky person is Martin ROBE, English, aeronautical engineer, taken up residence to Aldershot, near London. He comes to the traineeships organized by François BARRIOT, pre- sident of the Para Upward Club of the Charolais Brionnais, classified well in the various competitions in which he participates. He is in competition with François during meetings which take place in France, in Great Britain and in the Netherlands.

Laurent Millot, came from Nancy

  • Laurent MILLOT
    Laurent MILLOT fermer

Laurent MILLOT came from Nancy. Air Force retired, it is train driver SNCF (FRENCH NATIONAL RAILWAY COM- PANY) in the depot of Nancy. He usually trains in Strasbourg and joins the team of the club of the AGPM Tours, General Association of Military Foresight, on the platform of Saint-Yan to keep his capacity in the flight and for the pleasure.

Sengsouvanh PHOUMMAVONGSA, in the training

  • Sengsouvanh PHOUMMAVONGSA
    Sengsouvanh PHOUMMAVONGSA fermer

Sengsouvanh PHOUMMAVONGSA says "Fouma" is Lieutenant-colonel of the Land forces in the DRHAT of Tours. He ended 10th by team in French championships and prepares the next ones who will be held in Vichy.

Philippe SUPPER, from Strasbourg.

  • Philippe SUPPER
    Philippe SUPPER fermer

Philippe SUPPER moved of Stras- bourg. Army retired, he is responsible real estate and purchase of the Forests National Office. He is a member of the AGPM Tours and jump especially for the pleasure. He participates in com- petitions with "Fouma" in landing pre- cision as in French championships since a few years.

Eric WENDLING, from Strasbourg

    Eric WENDLING fermer

Eric WENDLING is a works foreman in the building in Strasbourg. It is federal instructor of released parachute jumping and specialist of relative flight. To the club of Strasbourg, he pulls the paratrooper apprentices in the first flights in automatic. It is by "obligation" that he came to follow this internship of parascending : it "has to" form to be instructor. He already has his capacity for the towing and replaced Alain Marien, technical director to Saint Yan's club, so that he can keep the hand.

François RONDY, from Saint-Galmier

  • François RONDY
    François RONDY fermer

François RONDY is a IT specialist. Secretary of the association " Para- chutisme 42 " in the Center School of Parachuting of Saint-Galmier ( 42 ), he jumps in parachute since a plane and he came to learn about the paras- cending. He flies for the pleasure and this training course to Saint-Yan allows him to know new experiences.

Hervé DUTHEL, président of the club para of Saint-Galmier

  • Hervé DUTHEL
    Hervé DUTHEL fermer

Hervé DUTHEL is also a IT specialist. President of the Center School of Saint-Galmier ( 42 ), he is an initiator B2, relative flight. Three years ago, he get started into the landing precision in the parascending. He has already parti- cipated in a French cup, in Montbé- liard, and takes advantage of this training course to prepare the French championships of Vichy.

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