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" The Knights of the sky "

12 mai 2016

Because of weather report, the rally " Kids'Dreams " made stage to Saint-Yan.

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" Kids'Dreams "

  • the aircrafts to the refuelling.
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" The knights of the sky ": the deepest action of " Kids'Dreams " is based on the meeting and the acceptance of the handicap under all its forms by ordinary said children who are in capacity, seen the age bracket from 6 to 14 years, to be susceptible in this difference.

On May 12th, 2016, the air rally of the association " Kids' Dreams " of the edition 2016 (20th edition) which made the stage BLOIS - CHAMBÉRY diverted to Saint Yan because of weather report.

The objective of the association is to offer to the stages of the first flights to children " dented " by the life and the disease.

18 planes landed at the end of morning on the aerodrome of Saint-Yan ;
60 people in this crews so arrived on the Charolais ground.

The SYAB made every effort to welcome them in the best conditions.

In every stage, 170 baptisms are proposed to the children ; on this 2016 edition, 1 500 children embarked for a first flight.

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