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Soon the French championships of acrobatics.

25 mai 2016

The French team of acrobatics gets ready for Saint-Yan for the championships which will take place in Dijon - Darois, at the end of June - the beginning of July.

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The FFA faithful to Saint Yan for the trainings of acrobatics.

The French team of acrobatics remains faithful to the airport of Saint-Yan. In spite of planned uncertain weather, the local meteo report showed itself sufficient and even good to be able to fly in complete safety, calmly. Good weather, excellent agreement between the trainees, the ideal ground for this type of exercises : everything was ready to allow them to improve and to prepare, for the greater part, the figures which will allow them to change category.


  • Christine ZANETTA-GENIN
    Christine ZANETTA-GENIN fermer

It is Christine ZANETTA-GENIN, national technical adviser of the Aeronautical French Federation, who frames the internship of acrobatics to the next French championships which will take place from June 27th till July 2nd, in Dijon.

It is not an unknown in the world of the aviation. She obtained her pilot's licence at the age of 17 and ended 1st feminine, 12th in the general classification, next year for her first Tour de France of the young pilots. In 4 years, she is selected in French team and it is the harvest of medals : champion of Europe in 1991 and 1993, world champion of air acrobatics in individual and by team in 1994, creator and manager for 18 years of the Pole France Dijon. On July 14th, 2011, she is promoted to the rank of knight of the Legion of Honor by virtue of the ministry of Sports. In parallel with her sports activities, she pursued her medical studies and she is a doctor of the French team.


  • Guillaume DEBAECKER
    Guillaume DEBAECKER fermer

Guillaume DEBAECKER is a member of the Association of Air Acrobatics of Saint-Cyr-l'Ecole ( AVA). He began to pilot at the age of 16. Attracted by the acrobatics, he embarks in this adventure in 2006 and begins the competition in 2008. He wins several championships and, this year, goes to the French championships in category advanced. He is an air-traffic controller on the airport of Chavenay-Villepreux, in Yvelines. He flies on CAP 231.


  • Jerôme JOURDAN
    Jerôme JOURDAN fermer

Jérôme JOURDAN also flies on CAP 231 and is also a member of the club AVA. He is an engineer Oil Gas. If he is an acrobat, it is from family : his father made some acrobatics within the French team. He spent his childhood on airfields. It was logical that he takes over. He) will appear this year at French championships in advanced category.


  • Robert ROMERO
    Robert ROMERO fermer

Robert ROMERO, too is a member of the AVA of Saint-Cyr-l'Ecole. He prac- tices on a CAP 232. He is a business manager in the building. He discovered that he was afraid of rising by plane. At the age of 40, he decided and was training to obtain a pilot license. But... to deal and develop the right reflexes in case of incident, he tries the acrobatics in double and gets to like it. At the age of 72, he trains for French championships in category excellence and aims at the level elite.

Jacques DUGUE

  • Jacques DUGUE
    Jacques DUGUE fermer

Jacques DUGUE, member of the club AVA, flies on a CAP332. He works in the refining and the chemistry. He will go to the French championships of acrobatics in level excellence superior. He was the youngest participant in the cup of the hopes, in 1979, but has to stop. He takes back the acrobatics in 2004 and wins several regional competitions in 2006. He ended second, at promotion level, in 2007, and the third in the French championship 2008, in two-seater, in individual just behind the advanced French team in Open of France, in Châteauroux, in 2010.


    Marc DE CACHARD fermer

Marc de CACHARD, biomedical Engineer, is registered in Beaujolais Voltige of Dijon. He practices on a SPECIAL 200. He began to fly from the age of 18 years. There is about fifteen years, " he had the misfortune to try the acrobatics and got to like it : it became a drug ". It has been six years since he started into the competition. He won several regional championships and ended the second of the Cup of Alpilles. He aims at the national by appearing at the advanced level. His particular trainer is the owner of his plane, Jean Louvet, pensioner. And guess what is its leisure : judge in acrobatics !

Jean-Baptiste CLAUDIN

  • Jean-Baptiste CLAUDIN
    Jean-Baptiste CLAUDIN fermer

Jean-Baptiste CLAUDIN, engineer in research, development and innovation, is a member of Beaujolais Voltige of Dijon. He flys on a SPECIAL 330 SC. At the age of 14, he dashes in the air aboard a glider. Having obtained his pilot's licence, he continues the acro- batics but with a power-driven plane and goes to the competitions in 2008. He appears at the French championship in excellence to obtain the qualification elite. He wins the Cup of the Southeast in 2009, the Cup Promotion the North in 2011, ends vice-champion of France in two-seater in 2012, and been a member of the high-level sportsmen since 2012.


  • Damien WILHELEM
    Damien WILHELEM fermer

Damien WILHELEM, jurist, flies on EXTRA 330 within the club Dijon Voltige. He pilots since 1992 and began the acrobatics in 2005. This commit- ment is at first a question of impro- vement of the piloting then it appre- ciates the adrenalin rush which get him the effects of these flights in engines which are, in a way, the Formula 1 of the aviation. He won the French cup flutters category promotion, in 2011 on two-seater plane. This internship is going to allow him to prepare the category excellence for the next French championships.

  • A remarkable decoration
    A remarkable decoration fermer
    A remarkable decoration
  • The dashboard with the board with exercises
    The dashboard with the board with exercises fermer
    The dashboard with the board with exercises
  • Their aircrafts on parking
    Their aircrafts on parking fermer
    Their aircrafts on parking

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