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Organisation of the aviation meetings: experimental intership.l

18 avril 2016

These internships organized by the DGAC were the full stop for the trainings,
compulsory from 2017, of pilots and organisers of aviation meetings.

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  • Jacques ABOULIN
    Jacques ABOULIN fermer

Three sessions of internship of two days took place to the aerodrome. This internship led by Jacques ABOULIN, Leader of center of the National Schools of the Civil aviation of Saint Yan and Grenoble, organized by the DGAC is in final phase to be proposed to the future directors of flight of aviation meetings.

This internship addressed the pilots, the civil and military flights'directors, working during aviation meetings, to the regional inspectors of the Directions of the Security of the Civil Aviation (DSAC) in charge of the surveillance and the approval of these events and the Gendarmerie brigades of the Air transports.

  • Le troisième groupe
    Le troisième groupe fermer

The trainees were directors of flights in service who did not have the opportunity to have a training. Until today, it did not simply exist and it will become compulsory from 2017.

This training took place on two days: six hours on the regulations, the rights and duties of a director of flights during meetings, theoretical six hours on the briefings to be made before the flights, followed by an application on the ground: the directors of flights are at the end of runway to verify the position of planes in the air space reserved during a meeting while the pilots train at the display of flight for the shows, then debriefing in the evening.

  • Général Christian Van DUYNSLAGER
    Général Christian Van DUYNSLAGER fermer

When we asked General Christian Van DUYNSLAGER, reservist, if this training was a lack ? He answered us " further to problems, it was necessary to create a special training to give a legal framework to the flights'directors especially for the small meetings. It also was the opportunity to get acquainted with the supervisors of the DSAC to know better their work, confront points of view to improve the regulations, for example the working frequencies and the procedures. "

  • Alain VELLA
    Alain VELLA fermer

Alain VELLA, assistant in the Mission General Light Aviation and Helicopters of the DGAC ( MALGH / DGAC), the coordinator of the Workgroup on the Air Events (GTMA), had come oversee this internship which put into practice three specific themes of the new regulation : organisation, led by Alain de Valence, pilots, led by Jacques Aboulin and Frédéric Akary, and authority, coordi- nator Alain Vella. " This training puts an end to the study of a training on the statutory texts after confrontation of points of view and consideration of the remarks and the experience of the former flights'directors ".

The SYAB facilitated this training by giving its installations.

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