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Nicolas Ivanoff is back

07 avril 2016

The pilots joined him for the training but also the pleasure.

  • Nicolas Ivanoff
    Nicolas Ivanoff fermer

As the last year, Saint Yan's airport was chosen as internships of acrobatics which the trainer is Nicolas Ivanoff who has just signed his fifth victory on the circuit of Red Bull Air Race, in Abu Dhabi : "One of the big advantages of Saint Yan's airport is that everything is on site. There is not a waste of time, it allows to train in good conditions, with the possibility to rest between the flights. Furthermore, everybody can come by plane ; it is a central platform for Europe" and Catherine Maunoury to add "With the presence of the air-traffic controllers in the control tower and specialized emergency services we let us can fly quiet, in complete safety".

For this training course, three pilots had answered presents; it can seem little but it is one more when the weather report is whimsical because there are less than possible hours of flight. On the other hand, the rain damages the paint of propellers and it's better to avoid it. It is only the beginning of season: an training course to recover in the bath.

Hanspeter ROHNER, Swiss

  • Hanspeter Rohner, suisse
    Hanspeter Rohner, suisse fermer

The aviation is a hobby; it is the realization of a dream… Entered the school of aviation for the young premilitary pilots, he obtained his licence in 1969 and began the acrobatics in 1990. Since 1998, he makes regularly training courses with Catherine and Nicolas : "Nicolas is very rewarding and, especially, he has a lot of experience". Hanspeter is for 10 years for the level elite. "What I appreciate in the competition ? It is the emulation, to know its level and to improve". He also likes the free style.

Selected in 2015, he gets ready for the European championship in Czech Republic which will take place in August, then for Swiss's championship in September.

Antoine CROCHON, French

  • Antoine Crochon, français
    Antoine Crochon, français fermer

30-year-old, he flies for 17 years and began the acrobatics in 14 years, already with Nicolas as trainer. In 2003, he ends 4th in the French champion- ship but, due to the lack of financial means, it is obliged to stop.

Afterward, Antoine follows the normal program to become an airline pilot but vacant positions are rare. Today, he found a sponsor to take back the acrobatics : the group M2H, the company of sale, rent and maintenance of industrial cleaning. This one takes care of the completeness of the necessary budget to restart from there where he had stopped. He is going to participate in the French championship level promotion and to try in the same year to compete in the category national 2

Catherine MAUNOURY, French

  • Catherine Maunoury, française
    Catherine Maunoury, française fermer

"No competition this year, that of the training for meetings !" Declared the chair of the Board of Directors of The Flying club of France, manager of the Museum of the Air and the Space, member of council of the Academy of the Air and the Space, ten times champion of France of air acrobatics and double world champion in 1988 and in 2000.

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