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Last adjustments before … Vichy

27 juillet 2016

The French championships of parachuting take place next week in Vichy. Certain competitors went
to Saint-Yan to put itself " in the bath ".

Training course of preparation for French championships.

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The school of upward parachutist of Saint-Yan organized several training courses of preparation for French championships. These will be held from Friday, July 29th till Sunday, August 8th in Vichy. It is especially said Seniors "Master's degrees" come from all France that were present at this beginning of internship.


  • Pascal Ghriss, prêt pour le décollage
    Pascal Ghriss, prêt pour le décollage fermer

Among the supervision, there was Pascal GHRISS, monitor of paras- cending to the Para Club of Tarbes Bigorre, technical adviser " landing precision and acrobatics " of the French Federation of Parachuting. It was not there only to judge but also to train because the purpose it was to win in landing precision.

Alain Marien

  • Alain Marien, directeur technique du Para club du Charolais Brionnais
    Alain Marien, directeur technique du Para club du Charolais Brionnais fermer

Loyal, in the service of all, Alain MARIEN, technical director of the Para Charolais Brionnais club, was so at first for the taking of flight as at the wheel of the " tractor ". Its human and technical qualities allowed the trainees to con- centrate on their jumps. The purpose was to insure 15 to 25 flights a day by person, a maximum of take-off to perfect their technique.

François Barriot

  • François Barriot, président du Para club du Charolais Brionnais
    François Barriot, président du Para club du Charolais Brionnais fermer

François BARRIOT, the president of Saint Yan's club, advised but especially trained for French championships. He will appear, as the other competitors of the internship, during flight upward, in landing precision in upward and in dropping of plane, in individual and in team. His objective is to return three medals.

Xavier de SAILLY

  • Xavier de Sailly
    Xavier de Sailly fermer

Xavier de SAILLY is a member to the Para Tarbes La Loubère's club. Considering his age, 68 years, he will contribute in category upward Senior in landing precision and jump of plane, in individual and by team. He has already made more than 7 000 jumps and he mounted the podium several times as well in French championship as in international. He thanks his family which allows him to devote to its passions : the parachuting and the piloting. Among his children, his three boys share his hobby and Quentin even picked up three medals in world championship. Others participate only in local competitions : professional obligations oblige.


  • Bruno Lautard
    Bruno Lautard fermer

Bruno LAUTARD came from the Para Club of Vannes. He is a veteran and, with more than 8 000 jumps, will appear in the various styles of competitions at French championships. He has all his chances in his category because in 2015 he participated in France by team in dropping. He ended the first one in individual and with team in the Cup EPAC (Great Britain - France - Netherlands) and, in 2016, in the Cup of the European Union of the Parachutists, he ended second by team in jump of plane as well as in the French cup of Pamiers ( 09 ).


  • Albert Bruno
    Albert Bruno fermer

Albert BRUNEAU, age 72, arrived from Pau. He jumps to the Para Club of Nice. He will face his companions in three disciplines. It is an experimented jum- per : 8 000 jumps of plane, 600 flights in paragliding and 400 during flight upward. It is monitor of paragliding and jumps in dropping and upward. He jumps of plane since 1976 and in paragliding since 1980. He has some trophies to his credit : vice-champion of France and the World in 1995, champion of France by team (plane 2006) - On 2007 …

To all, after all the efforts and the motivation which you display, the SYAB wishes you good luck, fair winds and Godspeed.

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