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Internship of acrobatics FFA

05 juin 2015

Preparation for the European championships of acrobatics

The French team of acrobatics category " national 1 " in the training.

  • Romain Vienne et Martin Leroux
    Romain Vienne et Martin Leroux fermer

The aerodrome of Saint-Yan welcomes with the beautiful days of numerous internships among which those of air acrobatics. From 1 till 5 June, the French team category " national 1 " or " advanced " for the international classi-fication, came to train for the French championships which will take place from 23 till 27 June to Epernay.

Eight present pilots this week came, among others, from the Paris region, of Midi-Pyrénées, from Germany and from La-Roche-sur-Yon, to see again and perfect figures planned for the European championships which will take place from July 22nd till August 1st, to Deva, in Romania. They will be no more than six for these events among which Benoit Faict and Thomas Libaud, holders; the selection will be made, in single-seater, in French championships.

Under the supervision of the trainer of the French Federation Aeronautics, Olivier Masurel, member of the French team " Advanced ", the vice-champion of the world any categories 2011, champion of France any categories 2012, vice-champion of France 2013, and the team manager Jean-Emmanuel Antal, federal trainer of Alsace, the pilots made, that is on Extra 330 or on CAP 332, the exercises of acrobatics to perfect their piloting during the execution of figures planned for European championships.

The aerodrome of Saint-Yan was chosen as its conditions of access and training which allow to evolve in complete safety and in living conditions perfected for the necessary and essential training and the concentration, even if the weather was a little bit hot, more than 30 °C on the ground. The pilots were satisfied with the hospitality which was reserved for them. They thank the team which took care of them during their stay.

Pilots'photo of the team with one of the planes of the group :
Romain Vienne, of Paris, pilots instructor in flying club and of acrobatics.
Martin Leroux, of Toulouse, air-traffic controller.

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