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G.A. of the association of the flying club Louis Notteghem.

17 mars 2015

Report of the general assembly of the association: the directory board has been re-elected around president Thierry Labarthe-Vaquier

Of very good results to certificates !

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  • Thierry Labarthe-Vacquier
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Its members have gathered around president Thierry Labarthe-Vacquier. The association account 95 license holders. The internal rules were changed to emphasize the safety and the training of the pilots. The cost of the maintenance increases, nevertheless it was decided that neither the amount of the membership, nor the flight hour cost increase. The flying club so remains the cheapest of the region.

The flying club account five voluntary instructors and employs a salaried instructor. The training plane DR 400 120 came back from a complete face-lift of more than five months, of which to delight instructors and pupils !

The average age of the pilots is of 40 years. The experimental pupils are old 15 in more than 70 years. The trainers of the flying club dispensed the courts of Patent of aeronautical initiation (Bia) into 21 young people, 18 had their examination. The new promotion Bia 2014/2015 account 13 pupils of several colleges of Paray, Digoin, Charolles and Marcigny. Four pupils formed in the flying club obtained their basic patent as well as their private pilot licence, which is a record!

In 2014, the flying club organized or participated in an initiation into the air rally, in an open day - night flight, within the framework of the Aeronautical French Federation (FFA), in the aviation meeting of Roanne, in the gathering of the women pilots in Nevers, etc.

For 2015, the members of the club will go to Strasbourg for the general assembly of the FFA, to the exhibition "Air expo" in Lyon, to visit to the aerodrome of Châteauroux and every third Friday of every month, an evening will be organized : briefing and training, night flights then snack.

The outgoing members of the directory board were all re-elected :
Thierry Labarthe-Vacquier, President,
Michel Langlet,
Bernard Perrin,
Virginie Sibille.

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