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A distinguished guest

30 janvier 2015

The sub-prefect of Charolles, Philippe Saffrey, came to discover the complex aeronautical of Saint-Yan.

Discovery of the site by Philippe Saffrey, sub-prefect.

It is on the initiative of the manager of Saint-Yan Air e Business, Leslie Blankley, that the sub-prefect of the district of Charolles, Philippe Saffrey, came to visit the installations of the aerodrome of Saint-Yan. In the absence of Jacques Rebillard, deputy chairman of the Regional Council and president of the mixed syndicate of the aeronautical platform, it is Jean-Paul Drapier, vice-president of the committee economy, employment, sustainable development and tourism of the General Council of Saône-et-Loire, which represented the departmental assembly. Leslie Blankley was surrounded with Jacques Aboulin, head of the training centers of the National School of the Civil aviation of Saint-Yan and Grenoble, with Suzanne Chevrot, head master of the high school Astier, Paray-le-Monial, the only Burgundian public institution to be proposed a specific training in aeronautical maintenance, and of Nicolas Huet, assistant to the head of the control tower.

Presentation et functioning of the site

The manager of exploitation of the site presented the airport and his infrastructures since the creation of the aerodrome, in 1948, until our days via the creation of the mixed syndicate in 2007 and the implication of the municipalities which surround the site. Few numbers were introduced for the maintenance, the restoration of the installations and the development of the platform. He expressed the resources granted by the Regional council, the General Council, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation, the certain government founds for safety and the municipalities while waiting for the implementation of the Community of communes and the merger of the Paray-le-Monial’s canton. He insisted on the significant work to make on the "camp" to transform it into territorial development side. Since 2009, the self-financing is in progress thraough to the development of secondary activities.

Saint-Yan, it's also St-Yan Air'e Academy

Suzanne Chevrot, acting president of the Saint-Yan Air e Academy, presented the various components of this organization: ENAC, Airtrack, Genevan company, ESIMA and the Astier high school. It is also the institute VI Incendie, IUT of Creusot … Among the projects, there is a creation of a flight simulator for the students and of an upper level of training at the high school Astier. The association of parascending of Saint-Yan, the flying club Louis Notteghem are linked with this body and the International College of the Jobs by the aerial.

St-Yan : industrial pole and of local industry

Saint-Yan, it is also Saint-Yan Air' e Industry with a manufacturer of light planes: barge Aviation, an expert of the composite who maintains and repairs gliders. A project of creation of a group constituted by 15 companies is in progress, knowing that there are 115 companies working for the aeronautics which coexist in Burgundy. Another development project is for the study: that of an industrial park about ten hectares.

Saint-Yan, it is also Saint-Yan Air' e show who organizes demonstrations as aviation meetings, and finally Saint-Yan Air' e Tourism who intends to facilitate the business flights but who also studied the realization of a vacation village on the theme of the aeronautic and the residential and tourist aérovillage: the plane next to the house!

In conclusion

The sub-prefect then made the tour of the installations, the sheds where he was able to meet the presidents of the differents clubs, the business managers and to measure the importance of the installations as the workshop put at the disposal of the students where are installed real planes as a Jaguar, offered by the Air Force.

" There is an enormous potential for the local economy. I shall attempt to facilitate you the necessary administrative procedures and to promote this tool of development with companies. I am for these groupings of companies on the same place which have the same purpose and which are capable of working together on a common project. "

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